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Due to health reasons, the Divorce Support Plus website was closed several years ago, but Sharon Shenker is returning to her passion of helping others through family reconstruction, or even better, saving families by reconstructing the relationship(s).

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Sharon Shenker - Matrimonial/Divorce Coach

Offering world-wide specialized help!

I am dedicated to helping prevent family breakdowns, but when I can’t accomplish that I will help my client(s) maneuver through, adjust to, heal from, and thrive despite their separation or divorce… with as little damage or baggage as possible.

The services I offer, are:
*personal growth & development
*premarital preparation
*relationship enhancement
*divorce prevention
*separation, divorce coaching
*creating co-parenting plans
*co-operative parenting
*recovery/moving on
*single parenting
*dating again, trust issues
*premarital preparation
*blending families

Degrees and Qualifications:
E.C.E.: Early Childhood Eduacator
F.L.E.: Family Life Educator
B.A.: Human Relations (Honors)
M.B.T.I.: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Consultant
C.V.B.C.: Certified Vision Board Coach
Satir Family Therapy
Reunification Therapy
... and Qualified Ceramics Teacher

Because of verbal and emotional abuse and escalating violence,I had to get a divorce many (many!) years ago, when I was 27, and my daughters had just turned two and four years old. After a few years, their father stopped seeing them so I raised them on own, even while going to university. One of them became a paralegal for a family law firm and the other a Youth Worker, working with children in group homes. Since then, my older daughter married, stopped working as a paralegal, and is now a stay-at-home Mom, raising my adorable grandson... thanks to her great husband!

I believe in families sticking together when they can, with each person equally empowered and emotionally well-adjusted – so that they can independently and interdependently become the best that they can be! I also believe that when two people have tried everything possible to improve their relationship connection but one still wants to leave, they must do so in a manner that does not hurt any children involved.

Since opening Divorce Support Plus, in 1999, I have proudly saved many marriages and prevented even more wars!

My motto is “family reconstruction not family destruction!”

My passion is to save and repair relationships by helping couples rekindle their love connection, but if that isn’t possible, I work with as many members of the family as is possible to prevent or end the wars that so commonly destroy families of separation or divorce. My goal is to assist each member of every family that comes to me to heal, grow, and thrive thereby preventing parental alienation... but if a family comes to me after P.A. has begun I can work with the family to build a healthy co-parenting relationship and rebuild the parent-child relationship. I am even training in Reunification Therapy to help a family that is suffering from Parental Alienation Syndrome.

On a lighter note, if the family is uncomfortable with sitting and talking about their feelings, needs and wants... I also do Play 'n Talk sessions that involve the family/couple/parent-child in creative play activities while chatting with me and among themselves. It is so much lighter and more fun!!

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