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Monday, July 19, 2010

Stilettos and Cleavage or Natual Beauty, Which does Your Guy Prefer?

Over the years I have worked with so many couples that had trouble connecting... in the bedroom. They literally lost that loving feeling for each other and could not even imagine kissing or touching each other when they first came to see me. Imagine being in a relationship with such a disconnect!

There was one couple, she in her mid-thirties first marriage, him around fifty on his second marriage, that was in BIG trouble. He was so ready to walk out on her and she had no idea why. They married quickly because she had gotten pregnant within a few short months, even though he was considering ending their relationship. Ahh, what a warning sign! Well, back to this article...

This particular couple had not even found an attraction base for their marriage. They had a five year old daughter that was well taken care of, although each parent disagreed as to who the better parent was. They lived in a nice home according to him, not her. His family was normal and considerate of their space and hers was intrusive and controlling - according to him. And, so on, and so on.... but what really helped pull this couple together was rather cute. I found out that he daydreamed about her showing she cared enough about him by fixing herself up just once in a while. They had stopped having sex over a year ago and he could no longer imagine ever having 'those feelings' for her again.

He just did not feel turned on by her natural beauty. Her wavy hair was so wild she kept it short like a boy, according to him, and she never wore makeup because she thought her freckled face was still youthful and cute like when she was a kid. But, to him she did not look like a woman with sex appeal. He wanted a woman who worn stilettos and showed some cleavage.

So, soon after finding this out, I spoke with her in her next private session about putting some effort into spicing up her sex appeal for him, her husband, the only man she wanted to attract in that way. And, what success we had! A few days after my talk with her I received a phone call from him that I will never forget. He called to say, "I know it was you, and I can't thank you enough!" I played dumb, and said; "what are you talking about?'

He was at work and could hardly wait to get home because when his wife came down to leave for work she was wearing a beautiful low-cut top, a skirt that showed leg, and high heels. He couldn't believe his eyes, she even had makeup on and had done something with her hair that blew his mind. He was thrilled.

What he did not know was that she had her running shoes and both a pair of pants and t-shirt in her car for work... but she had finally done what her guy preferred and we had a base to work with. They continued working with me and dramatically changed and saved their marriage!

So... what does YOUR GUY prefer?
Does he know what you prefer?And, are you BOTH Loving Each Other The Right Way???
(Don't tell me you're too old because Sexy is Ageless!!!)

Talk to you again soon,

Sharon Shenker
Founder, Divorce Support Plus
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