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Due to health reasons, the Divorce Support Plus website was closed several years ago, but Sharon Shenker is returning to her passion of helping others through family reconstruction, or even better, saving families by reconstructing the relationship(s).

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Family Reconstruction coaching is available!

Sharon Shenker, Marriage-Divoce Coach After many years of working with children and their parents, Sharon founded Divorce Support Plus to help prevent family breakdowns or guide all the family members through and beyond a separation or divorce so that their family reconstruction does not cause any family member destruction. For further information, phone: 514.804.3585 or email Sharon directly at After an absence of eight years, due to health issues, I am returning to work. If you are considering or going through a separation or divorce, with or without children, and you want to make one last effort to save the relationship, or if it is clearly over and you want some professional help getting through this difficult time, with the help of someone who has been there and has the training, education and expertise at coaching people in your position, contact me.