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Due to health reasons, the Divorce Support Plus website was closed several years ago, but Sharon Shenker is returning to her passion of helping others through family reconstruction, or even better, saving families by reconstructing the relationship(s).

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Change is good, but does it have to mean divorce?

This coaching service is for everyday, healthy people who are experiencing a troubled relationship and want help, without years in therapy! 

I will do my best to help you dramatically improve and save your relationship... 
but, if we absolutely can not, I will help you and yours through a family reconstruction rather than leaving you on your own for a possible family destruction!
Here are some testimonials from a few former clients:

"I began meeting with Sharon Shenker as my relationship with my husband continued to deteriorate. I had many things to sort out with my failing relationship. Made only harder to sort through as I still had many issues I had not properly addressed from my family of origin.

As I told her of my stresses, Sharon didn’t sit idly by and only prod me with questions as a psychological councellor might have. She spoke one-on-one with me as an equal, countered with stories I could relate to, told me what theories I could look into (as the IMAGO theory), and gave me homework to do which ranged from journaling to working on concrete exercises specific to my needs.

I liked the flow of the meetings. Unlike a psychological councellor’s approach where it seems to lead to nowhere but to more one sided talking, Sharon actively guided me through my issues with practical suggestions that I could implement. I much preferred this approach rather than spilling my woes to a silent, head nodding person who just kept telling me to come back. I also felt I was in control of the length of time I chose to see her.

Throughout the last 3 years, I have returned to Sharon with subsequent issues which arose as I worked through the initial issues with which I had come to her. It was not always an uplifting experience to dredge up the painful and harmful habits one has, but it was always worth seeing her.

I highly recommend this lovely, heart warming woman to accompany you on your journey to a more joyous and fulfilling life!

Peace, Helen G."


"I can't tell you enough how glad we are that we found you and worked with you on improving our relationship before the wedding! There's no doubt in our minds that you saved our marriage before it even began. God Bless you."


"Sharon’s approach is very proactive, and for us that was just what the doctor ordered. Her approach is not to dwell on what is wrong but to focus on making things right, by building new skills and practicing new behaviours. With Sharon’s help, we came back from the brink of separation, and are now doing very well. Sharon saved our marriage, and that is not an exaggeration!"


"Just before entering our first meeting with Sharon we were arguing and crying. An hour and a half later we were laughing and hugging each other. It was the first step in a long healing process. Now our relationship is the best it has been in years! Sharon has the unique ability to sort through all difficulties a couple may be suffering from and deal with them one at a time, putting the couple on a steady path to recovery."


"It is the tools I have been given that made the difference. The year I was in therapy gave me an environment to vent, but didn’t provide any tools or solutions... You have given me the tools and techniques with which to deal with my ex-wife, my life, and to solve my own problems effectively!"


"Thank you so so much!! You're like an angel that came into my life this year. I truly appreciate the great work that you are doing with my family. I'm so grateful to you."

"I wish Mommy and Daddy would come learn this stuff too." 8 years old

"There was a marked improvement in his behaviour when he was seeing you. Please try to get the parents to resume with you."  - Elementary School Principal

"Sharon’s approach as a ‘Life Coach’ is truly hands-on and solution oriented."

"I found Divorce Support Plus when I was looking for a support group to help me cope with my children’s reactions and my own feelings towards my recent separation…. I found comfort, understanding, guidance and help. I also found a coach who gave me many tools and practical advice to go through the process of divorcing; I learned to know, trust and love myself better; I learned to let go of the past, live in tune with the present, and look forward to the future... I have changed my outlook on life. Many, Many Thanks."


"Thank you for encouraging me to move forward when I didn’t know how to. Your insight and perspective helped me see things clearly, and your guidance helped me change my life!"


"I hated having to come at first because I thought you were just going to be on her side, too. Everyone from (Youth Protection Service) only saw my frustration and anger, but you’ve really listened to me, and seen my frustration with the system. Now I realize that I feel so much better each time after we speak cause I was able to let go of some of the anger and start my future. Thank you for letting me call you so often. It helped me so much."

As the above testimonials show, some people come to create a change in their life and relationships that involve a divorce... and some come to save their marriage or relationship by dramatically changing for the better!

If your relationship is experiencing difficulties... don't just sit in the 'yuk' of it! Contact me...