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Monday, September 13, 2010

END the Silence of Domestic Violence NOW!

I'm keeping my eyes and ears on what Dr Phil plans on doing this year as he claims to be taking a stand this year to END THE SILENCE TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

I hope you'll listen too and share some of your experiences.

Domestic violence does not usually begin with physical violence - please be aware, it normally starts with emotional control and put-downs, isolation, humiliation, etc., etc.

Are you a victim of abuse in a relationship? Was it a significant other? A parent? Sibling? Whether Dr Phil makes it a big issue for the year, I promise to.

Stay tuned for more discussions on the subject, and please, please, join in.


Sharon Shenker, Family Life Coach

After many years of working with children and their often struggling families, Sharon founded Divorce Support Plus to help couples prevent family breakdowns by reconnecting lovingly (http://www.lovingtherightways.com)or to assist them through and beyond a separation or divorce (http://www.divorcesupportplus.ca). For further information, phone: 514.804.3585 or email her directly at sharonshenker@gmail.com

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